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The more time you spend not doing something about your tendency to grind your teeth at night, the more likely you are to suffer dental damage. When you struggle with nightly grinding and clenching due to unresolved issues with bruxism, you can wear down your teeth and make worrying changes to your smile. In time, this can lead to more than just cosmetic issues, as you can do enough damage to negatively affect your oral health. The good news is that this is something that your Seattle, WA dentist can help you address. Wearing a custom oral appliance while you sleep will protect your smile, which will help you avoid further harm that threatens your appearance and well-being.  Read more

A habit of grinding your teeth every night can lead to serious consequences for your smile, and it can lead to chronic pain and sensitivity problems. While you can make a conscious effort to stop yourself from grinding and clenching while awake, this is a difficult habit to control while you are sleeping. What can you do to protect your smile and prevent problems with dental pain and sensitivity? At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can take care of you by providing a custom guard to protect you against this issue. Habitual teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can be addressed with a guard that keeps your smile apart while you rest so no more damage can occur! Read more

Your mornings can become difficult to enjoy when you grind your teeth at night. Upon waking, you can feel the effects of this issue, known as bruxism - your teeth can be sore and sensitive, and you can have pain in your face and jaw. While this discomfort is certainly nothing to ignore, it is not the only problem with bruxism. In time, the friction from grinding or clenching your jaw while you sleep can wear down your enamel. This can lead to undesired changes in the shape of your teeth that hurt your smile, and it can even lead to chips and cracks forming in your enamel! Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is prepared to help if you think you suffer from nightly teeth grinding. A custom oral appliance can keep your teeth safe while you sleep. If you have already experienced problems with your enamel, we can evaluate your smile and see if you may benefit from cosmetic dental work or restorative dental work. Read more

At certain points in your life, you may have a difficult time controlling your stress levels. This is a common concern, but it is one that people can manage in different ways. One thing you should watch out for is your physical responses to stress. Some people will develop a tendency to grind their teeth because of their negative feelings, with a habit of grinding that affects them more during the night while they rest. If this is not addressed, it can lead to alarming damage to your tooth enamel! Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is ready to take care of your teeth grinding troubles by offering oral appliance therapy for bruxism. We can also make plans to address the physical effects of grinding that may have hurt your smile. Read more

How serious is a nightly habit of teeth grinding? The more time you spend clenching or grinding your teeth, the more likely you are to face serious consequences from this action. Over time, the wear and tear on your enamel can hurt your smile. If the pressure is significant enough, you can actually break teeth by grinding them! Another concern you should have is that you can cause problems for your jaw joints and muscles, which will lead to chronic pain and stiffness. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are ready to help patients protect their teeth against habitual grinding, a problem also known as bruxism. A custom oral guard can keep your smile safe while you sleep, and put an end to concerns about damage or advanced wear and tear. We can also provide the appropriate services if you need to do something about dental damage. Read more

Troubles with teeth grinding should not be ignored. In many cases, it can become difficult for a person to ignore the issue even if they wanted to. Someone who struggles with this issue, known as bruxism, can find that they continue to wake up with pain affecting their face, teeth, and jaw. They can also worry over signs of wear and tear that hurt the quality of their smile. Over time, the persistent friction from teeth grinding is capable of causing chips and cracks that require restorative dental work. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, patients affected by bruxism can receive a custom oral appliance that keeps their smile safe. We can also explore different treatment options to restore teeth that have already been harmed by this problem. Read more

Some stress can be inescapable, but we do have control over how much impact stress can have on our daily lives. If you take care to avoid stress, and manage it when it is unavoidable, you can limit its effects on you. People who struggle to do this can experience more than just emotional turmoil; prolonged periods of stress can have negative physical effects. One effect of stress that should concern you is teeth grinding. When you are repeatedly grinding or clenching your teeth, you wear down the enamel, which can cause cosmetic problems as well as potential dental injuries. If you continue to struggle with this issue, you should know that our Seattle, WA dentist's office can provide a custom mouth guard to keep teeth safe. Read more

You may be well aware that prolonged periods of stress can cause problems for you. What you might not anticipate is the different ways stress can interfere with your quality of life. You should know that if you are having a hard time managing your stress, you may unwittingly change your daily behaviors in ways that put you at greater risk for dental problems. A lack of focus on your oral care routine, a reliance on less healthy meals, and problems with teeth grinding can all negatively contribute to your dental well-being. While it may be difficult to live a stress-free life, it is important to recognize how it might be affecting you so that you can react accordingly. Your Seattle, WA dentist wants you to maintain your best, healthiest smile. We can provide important preventive dental care during dental exams in addition to guidance on smarter daily behaviors. Read more

Night after night, your problems with teeth grinding persist. Because you continue to grind your teeth while you sleep, you can wake up with painful or sensitive teeth, as well as pain in your face, jaw, and neck. If the problem continues, you could develop a new concern as your teeth start to show signs of wear and tear! At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are prepared to help people who struggle with this issue, known as bruxism. In addition to talking with you about behaviors or issues that can lead to teeth grinding, we can provide relief with a custom appliance that will keep your teeth apart as you sleep. This comfortably worn custom guard can help you avoid tension in your jaw from clenching while also protecting teeth from physical damage. Read more

Over time, your nightly teeth grinding troubles can start to make visible changes to your smile. Wear and tear can flatten teeth, or even damage them, which can hurt the quality of your appearance. If you want to do something to restore your confidence in the way you look, you may need to discuss cosmetic dental work with your dentist. Of course, if you want to prevent the problem from growing worse, or from causing visible changes, you should seek help with your grinding or clenching habit. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can provide you with a custom appliance to help you avoid this problem, often referred to as bruxism. In cases where patients have already seen changes to their smile, we can discuss cosmetic improvements as well. Read more

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