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Is there anything you are forgetting to do when you clean your smile each day? As important as it is to care for and closely examine your teeth for problems, make sure you do not forget to tend to your periodontal health by protecting your gums! Problems with your routine can lead to gingivitis, the first stage of an infection that can lead to serious difficulties over time. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are ready to identify problems with your periodontal health at a routine appointment and recommend treatment. With that said, you can actually identify symptoms of gingivitis when they arise. By doing so, you can spot the early warning signs of trouble and address them before they worsen! Read more

When you consistently see your Seattle, WA dentist for preventive care, you can stay informed about your oral health. A typical visit will provide you with feedback about your dental health as well as a teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup that formed since your last appointment. Consistent dental checkups reduce your risk for the excess accumulation of these deposits, and the regular examinations can lead to early warnings about problems that might require restorative dental work. Without these visits, you can be vulnerable to more than just cavities. These visits also protect your periodontal health, and they can lead to the identification of problems with teeth grinding, something that gradually wears down teeth. Read more

When you brush and floss your teeth, you should give your gums some attention, too! A good oral hygiene routine will fight the buildup of plaque and bacteria at your gum line and lower your risk for gingivitis. Many people, even those who feel that they practice good habits, can grow concerned at their next routine dental exam upon learning that they have issues with their periodontal health. While your regular dental visits are important for preserving the health of your teeth and gums, you should know that you can actually identify early warning signs of gingivitis on your own. By checking on your gums between visits, you can see when gingivitis is starting to affect you and improve your hygiene routine! Read more

If you want to maintain a healthy smile, you need to focus on more than just preventing cavities. Many people experience problems with their smile and health over time because they fail to prevent difficulties with gum disease. In time, an infection can interfere with your work to manage your general health, and it can do damage to tissues that support teeth, leading to their loss. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office will check on your periodontal health during every routine dental checkup you schedule with us. If we see evidence of gingivitis, we can provide a special cleaning to fight bacteria below your gum line responsible for your trouble. Read more

Gingivitis is a common oral health problem, but it is not one to take lightly. An infection will worsen and become more difficult to treat if you do not manage it in a timely manner. Someone who experiences advanced issues with gum disease becomes more vulnerable to losing teeth later in life, and they may have difficulty managing other active health problems. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are ready to take care of individuals who worry about their periodontal health. The care you receive during a routine dental exam includes work to lower your risk for problems with your gums. In addition to offering this support, we can help you identify shortcomings in your daily routine that can make you vulnerable to infections. Read more

One common issue for people with gingivitis is bleeding after brushing or flossing. That tendency for your gums to bleed can be an indication that the tissues are infected, which can call for more oral hygiene support. With that said, there are other issues to watch out for if you are concerned that you might be dealing with gingivitis. You may notice that tissues seem swollen, that your gum line is starting to recede, or even that you are often affected by embarrassing bad breath. Fortunately, patients who have gingivitis can receive treatment when they schedule routine dental checkups. After your Seattle, WA dentist identifies evidence of gingivitis, a special cleaning can take place to deal with the bacteria beneath your gums. Read more

Without a good oral hygiene routine to follow, you can leave yourself more vulnerable to dental decay and gum disease than you realize. Many people who are confident that they are taking good care of their teeth actually make mistakes that lead to tartar buildup, as well as issues that result in problems that require restorative dental work. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, patients who worry about their oral health routine can discuss their habits with their dentist to learn what the right treatment can do for them. We are also prepared to help if you are in need of treatment for any problems that have arisen since your last trip to the dentist's office. Read more

If you are no longer able to enjoy certain foods or drinks without discomfort, or that you feel you must completely avoid, you should tell your dentist about your troubles with dental sensitivity. Problems with sensitivity can be linked to poor periodontal health, issues with enamel erosion, or even to problems with tooth decay. The sooner these problems are identified and dealt with, the sooner you will be able to return to a full diet. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, sensitivity problems are one of many issues that we are ready to address. To stay informed about your oral health and receive help with different concerns as they arise, make sure that you consistently schedule preventive dental checkups. Read more

While you may not want to have any problems with tooth decay, your current habits may be putting you in more risk of trouble than you realize. Even seemingly minor mistakes can lead to active concerns, and make it more likely that you will need a dental filling or dental crown at your next appointment. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can provide guidance regarding your behaviors between visits during regular dental exams, which can help you recognize shortcomings in your routine that leave you vulnerable to dental decay and gum disease. If you are not attending these exams on a regular basis, the lack of support from a dentist can lead to a greater risk for tooth decay. Read more

As you brush your teeth, do you ever notice that your gums have started to bleed? If this is a recurring problem for you, it can be a warning that the tissues are infected, meaning gingivitis is now affecting your oral health. Fortunately, a scaling and root planing is effective at removing the bacteria responsible for this infection, which then allows the tissues to heal. What you should be aware of is the risk to your well-being if the problem is not treated in time. The infection can worsen in time, which can lead to more difficulties with treatment, a greater risk for tooth loss, and general health problems! At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can provide guidance on good oral hygiene that will help you avoid future bouts of gingivitis, as well as preventive dental cleanings that make an infection less likely in the future. Read more

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