There are times when patients need to worry about more than one oral health issue. One cavity is reason enough for concern, but we sometimes need to deal with decay that affects several teeth. This is more likely to happen if you take a longer break from routine dental services, where your dentist can look out for cavities that are still earlier in development. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office can work with you on treating all of your cavities if you need to worry about restorative work for several teeth. We can identify which cavities require the most urgent treatment, and we can work out plans to make sure all of your teeth are fully restored without changing your smile. Read more

If you keep waking up with feelings of stiffness, pain, or sensitivity in your teeth and jaw, let your dentist know. These issues, along with a change in your enamel brought on by persistent friction, can serve as a warning that you are dealing with bruxism. Many people develop a tendency to grind or clench their teeth while they sleep. In time, this can lead to worsening harm that even makes restorative dental work necessary! Your Seattle, WA dentist can help you deal with this problem. The sooner you look into how you can stop this nightly issue from worsening, the sooner you can protect yourself from problems that negatively affect your smile and oral health! Read more

If you want to stay consistent with preventive dental care, you should regularly see your dentist for exams even when you believe your smile is in great health. These visits provide important feedback about the condition of your smile, something that can lead to the early detection and treatment of problems before they can cause problems. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is here for you if you are due for your next dental exam, but we are also prepared to help when you need to see someone about a potentially severe tooth problem. Putting off an appointment can have unpleasant consequences. When a problem goes untreated for too long, your tooth's health may deteriorate until you need to undergo an extraction and replacement! Read more

If you are not able to go a day, or even a meal, without discomfort from dental sensitivity, you should be concerned about your oral health. This can be caused by different issues, including those that will require restorative treatment. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can determine what the source of your discomfort is, and from there we can make a plan to address the matter. If you have discomfort from a cavity that has grown serious, it may be necessary for us to offer support through more involved care, as that sensitivity can point to an infection! However, it is also possible for sensitivity to stem from issues like gum line recession, enamel erosion, and the effects of teeth grinding. Read more

What are you currently doing to protect yourself against tooth decay and gum disease? Your daily oral hygiene routine is important, and so is your attendance at regular oral health exams. The right approach to preventive care will help you maintain a healthier, more attractive smile through the years. It will also make you less likely to experience problems like dental decay and gum disease, common but preventable issues. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is ready to see you if you are due - or past due - for your next routine appointment. Remember that we are also here to help you by providing restorative and cosmetic services. Read more

While some patients have concerns about the way they look that have always been with them, others may have issues that are more recent. After years of having full confidence in your smile, you may start to feel some doubts about the way you look as enamel erosion affects the shape, color, and general condition of your teeth. When this happens, you can worry about how these issues age you, potentially making you look older than you are. Your Seattle, WA dentist's office is prepared to help with this issue. When you bring your concerns to us, you can find that the right cosmetic procedure can renew your confidence in your appearance! Read more

What do regular dental exams protect you against? There are several reasons to make preventive dental care part of your routine to protect your smile. One is that at a regular checkup, your Seattle, WA dentist can identify a cavity that has formed, but has not yet caused you active discomfort. By catching a problem in time, we can perform restorative treatment before there is a need to recommend more involved care. If you do not receive this support in time, decay can become severe enough to make a root canal necessary. In this situation, we can still help. You can come to us to undergo a root canal and stop a worsening cavity from causing serious oral health complications, including tooth loss! Read more

When you have problems managing stress, it can feel as though several parts of your life are becoming more difficult to manage. Stretches of time where you experience higher stress levels can impact your oral health. These negative feelings can affect your diet choices, and changes in your daily routine can disrupt your brushing and flossing habits. Making a point to prioritize your smile during these periods can help you protect yourself. One other issue that can link stress and oral health is the potential start of nightly teeth grinding issues. Your Seattle, WA dentist can help you avoid problems with this issue, known as bruxism, by supplying a custom oral guard to keep your smile safe. Read more

You no longer need an older photo to confirm it - your smile has grown dull over the years. Once you realize this has happened, it can be difficult to ignore the way built-up stains have left your teeth looking dull, unhealthy, and generally less attractive. If you have already tried to whiten your smile by using a store bought treatment, you can feel concerned that you are stuck with your discoloration. What you should know is that the treatment options you find at a nearby grocery store or pharmacy can fail to deliver serious improvements because they lack the potency of a treatment provided at your dentist's office. Our Seattle, WA dental practice can help you truly brighten your smile by providing a professional whitening treatment. Your options for smile improvement include treatment with the KöR whitening system, a particularly advanced cosmetic procedure. Read more

If you are not confident in the way you look when you smile, you can feel eager to learn more about cosmetic dentistry. What stops people from asking about treatment when they know they want to change the look of their teeth? For people with several flaws, esthetic treatments can feel out of reach because they worry about the amount of care they might require. What you can learn is that with a set of custom porcelain veneers, you can address all of your problems with your smile with a single procedure! Our Seattle, WA dentist's office can provide porcelain veneers in order to change your appearance by making teeth look whiter, healthier, more symmetrical, and generally more attractive. Read more

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