Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment for Extreme Tooth Decay

Cavities are the most commonly known consequence of tooth decay, and in many cases, they can be effectively treated with a custom, tooth-colored filling. However, tooth decay is progressive, and while a cavity may be its most prominent initial symptom, the condition of your tooth can rapidly deteriorate if you hesitate to treat it. Root canal treatment is the process of cleaning the infected internal pulp chamber and root canal of your tooth. It’s necessary when decay becomes so pervasive that a tooth filling can no longer save your tooth.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment has the same goal as a tooth filling procedure – to remove harmful oral bacteria and infected tooth structures that have been affected by tooth decay. The difference is that root canal treatment is a more complex process that involves carefully accessing and cleaning the interior of your tooth, including the nerves and blood vessels in its pulp and root canal. The procedure is usually minimally invasive, though you may opt for dental sedation to make your treatment faster and more comfortable.

The Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Relief from severe tooth pain – When your tooth’s inner chambers are infected, so are its nerves and blood vessels. This means the pain of your tooth infection will be significantly greater than it was when your decay was more moderate. After root canal treatment, your tooth will no longer hurt, as the infection and tissues will be removed.
  • The avoidance of tooth extraction – The longer tooth decay remains untreated, the more damage it causes to your tooth structure and tissues. In extreme cases, a tooth may need to be extracted and replaced due to the extent of its decay. However, with root canal treatment, you can avoid having to extract your tooth and, instead, restore it to its proper health and function.
  • The restoration of your bite’s function – After root canal treatment, we may suggest placing a custom dental crown over your tooth to fortify it against your bite pressure in the future. Not only will your tooth be saved, but your long-term oral health and bite function will also be restored, which reduces your risks of experiencing further dental health issues.

Find Out if You Need Root Canal Treatment

Severe tooth decay may be more than a filling can address, but you can still save your tooth with conservative root canal treatment. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation, call our Ballard Neighborhood Dentist office in Seattle, WA, today at 206-789-2555. We also proudly serve the residents of Shoreline, Edmonds, Crown Hill, Loyal Heights, and all surrounding communities.

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