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Is dental sensitivity just something you have to put up with, or is it something you should talk about with your dentist? If you have problems with hot or cold temperatures, if you wake up with sensitive teeth, or if you have general concerns about sensitivity, you should have the problem addressed. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can work with you to determine what might be causing these issues. The source of your troubles could be something like bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding. If that issue is not addressed promptly, it can lead to serious dental damage! Read more

With the right prosthetic appliance, you can once again feel confident in your smile, and comfortable when biting and chewing food! At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we understand how important it is for a patient to receive a restoration that provides cosmetic improvements in addition to functional value. By providing custom dental bridges and dentures, we can offer care to patients who are trying to do something about isolated tooth loss, and help those who need to replace all of their upper and/or lower teeth. We can even talk with you about arranging the placement of a dental implant, or multiple implants, to give your restoration permanent support. Read more

Chipping a tooth can lead to some understandable feelings of alarm. After all, this damage can have a potentially serious effect on your smile, while also creating an oral health issue. While a sense of concern is certainly appropriate, you can be glad to know that your Seattle, WA dentist is ready to help you deal with this problem. At our practice, we can provide quality cosmetic dental work in order to hide the effect dental damage can have on your appearance. If the matter is serious enough to require restorative dental work, we can advise you about what the appropriate treatment might consist of, and arrange the care you need. Read more

While people rarely WANT stress to be a part of their day, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid. While periods of stress can affect any person, the effects of these negative feelings over a prolonged period can become a problem for your well-being. What you might not realize is that stress can create potential problems for your oral health, in addition to your general health. This can be simply a result of a person giving their preventive care routine less attention, but you can also experience problems because of stress-related teeth grinding. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can offer consistent care during regular dental exams, which can help you stay on top of your smile care needs during stressful periods. Read more

Ideally, you will leave a routine dental exam with the reassurance that your smile is totally free of any cavities. When decay is found, your Seattle, WA dentist can talk to you about the severity of the problem, and the appropriate restorative dental treatment. So what can happen if you are not attending regular exams, and letting potential problems with tooth decay go undetected? People who only go to the dentist when they have painful symptoms can discover that in addition to the cavity causing them pain, they also have others that need to be addressed. Our practice can work with you to make sure all of these problems are addressed, and that your smile is returned to great health! Read more

A tooth is no stranger to friction - every time you use your teeth to bite and chew, you put demands on your enamel that can take a toll over time. With that said, you should not be TOO alarmed at this idea. Dental enamel is a remarkably strong material, and capable of holding up against considerable pressure. However, some people do start to see changes over time in the shape of their teeth. If this is making you unhappy with your smile, your Seattle, WA dentist's office can discuss corrections through cosmetic dental work. It should be noted that if you have a problem with teeth grinding, you can start to see signs of wear and tear at a surprising rate. If the problem is not caught and treated in time, you can also experience more serious harm! Read more

If you go into an appointment for restorative dental work expecting that you will receive a conspicuous filling or crown made from metal, you can be understandably worried about your smile. So how would you feel if you knew you had access to restorations that could closely match the look of your natural tooth structure, and blend in with your smile? Your Seattle, WA dentist's office relies on modern restorations, including tooth-colored dental fillings, to repair teeth after dental work is done. In addition to looking good once placed, a tooth-colored filling is effective at supporting your surrounding tooth structure. In fact, because this material bonds directly with your enamel, you can be confident that it will remain secure and comfortable for many years! Read more

While dental fillings are often capable of providing the sort of lasting support a tooth needs after a cavity, some smile problems can call for something more reliable. Your Seattle, WA dentist's office uses partial and full dental crowns to take care of teeth that are affected by larger cavities, or by injuries that threaten the health of a tooth. The custom appliance you receive can make sure your tooth is able to take on biting and chewing pressures without threatening its health. Your dental restoration can also be made to closely match your tooth structure, so you have no issues with your appearance as a result of your treatment. Read more

Once a cavity forms, there is no way for you to protect your tooth from the spread of decay that will continue to do damage. However, you can limit the harm by seeing your Seattle, WA dentist's office as soon as possible, and addressing the matter with the appropriate restorative dental work. If you put off care, or if you let a cavity slip your notice, you could end up letting the problem worsen until a root canal treatment is needed. This calls for more advanced work on your tooth, and the loss of more of your tooth structure. With that said, you can be happy to know that your dentist can make sure any discomfort is minimized during care, and that you receive a durable restoration that preserves your tooth after treatment. Read more

What can your Seattle, WA dentist do to treat a tooth injury? Hopefully, this is something you will never have to learn through firsthand experience! With that said, it can benefit you to know what treatment options are available if you have an oral health emergency. Our practice can provide quality restorative dental treatment in the event that your tooth's health is compromised by damage. In addition to improving the look of a chipped or cracked tooth with the appropriate dental restoration, we can make sure you have no lingering issues with an infection stemming from damage. Our practice is also prepared to perform cosmetic dental work for a minor injury. Read more

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