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If you no longer feel comfortable putting pressure on a certain tooth, the change in your bite function can create more problems than you might realize. Increasing the work done by surrounding teeth can lead to more friction, and ultimately lead to greater wear and tear. You may also begin to struggle with jaw pains, and increase your chances of developing troubles with teeth grinding. Of course, this ignores another concern - you could be ignoring an oral health problem that will continue to worsen without treatment! If you think something might be wrong with a tooth because it is too sore or sensitive to support bite pressure, our Seattle, WA dentist's office can help. By restoring the health of your tooth, we can make sure a potential problem is resolved before the issue worsens, and before you develop lasting problems with your bite. Read more

When a problem with your oral health causes an alarming amount of pain, or makes you worry about the health of a damaged, loose, or lost tooth, it can call for emergency dental work. Your Seattle, WA dentist's office is prepared to help individuals who find themselves suffering from a problem that calls for urgent attention. The process of caring for you during an emergency means more than just putting work into restoring the health of a tooth. Once this is done, we can make sure it remains safe by arranging to have a custom dental restoration placed on it. Read more

You may be uncomfortable with your smile if your tooth is chipped, cracked, or otherwise damaged in a way that alters its appearance. The cosmetic effect of a dental injury can be concerning enough for people to prioritize restorative dental work. With that said, some injuries can affect teeth that are harder to see, and therefore less important to your appearance. Does this mean that an injury is easier to ignore, or something that should be a lower priority for you? There are several reasons to take a dental injury seriously that are not related to esthetics. You may have a difficult time biting and chewing because of your injury. You can also be vulnerable to a tooth infection, a potentially serious problem. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office takes dental emergencies seriously, and we are prepared to see you if you need urgent attention. Read more

When you know that your dentist is ready to take care of you during a dental emergency, a problem with a broken, loosened, or lost tooth can feel a little less scary. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are prepared for a situation where a patient requires treatment with little notice. Any time you experience a problem that makes urgent oral health care feel necessary, you can reach out to let us know. Responding quickly to a dental emergency is about more than just helping patients deal with pain - when you have access to treatment on short notice, the odds of saving an injured or infected tooth go up. Read more

Your Seattle, WA wants your smile to remain in the best possible shape. In addition to encouraging you to practice smart preventive dental care, our hope is that you never require emergency treatment for a dental problem - with that said, we DO provide emergency dental services to our patients. For a tooth that is injured, or in considerable pain, we can bring you in for care on short notice. This work can focus on restoring the health of a tooth, but we can also see to it that your bite function and smile are both restored as well. We are even prepared to help you if you need to do something about a lost tooth. Read more

While few people are going to be enthusiastic about scheduling treatment for tooth decay, putting off care can become a problem. If you let a cavity's growth go on unchallenged, you can be at risk for an infection that makes the tooth painful or sensitive. You should know that when tooth decay is not addressed, bacteria can cause so much harm that there is no way to save it! Unfortunately, it can be difficult for people to commit to restorative dental work even when they are aware that they have a serious problem. If you have anxieties around dental work that make you reluctant to book a visit, our Seattle, WA dentist's office can help by providing dental sedation. Sedation can help you remain calm even as you remain aware of what is happening during your treatment. Read more

Why is your tooth feeling so sensitive lately? A problem with pain or sensitivity may be a sign that you have a cavity that is causing you problems. It is important to treat this matter seriously, and seek treatment as soon as possible. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are prepared to provide restorative dental work that can address decay and preserve the appearance of your smile. It should be noted that if your tooth has become sensitive or painful, it may be a sign that an internal infection needs to be addressed. To avoid this situation in the future, make sure you stay consistent with regular dental exams! Read more

Why would someone who has serious concerns about their smile health avoid a trip to the dentist? For some, it can be embarrassing to show up with teeth in poor condition, while others may have convinced themselves that there is nothing a dentist can do to provide lasting help. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is prepared to offer restorative dental services in a welcoming and friendly environment. We can take the time to learn about you, as well as the issues you have with your smile. We can also use a range of modern services to help you regain confidence in your appearance and oral health. Even in a situation where a tooth has to be extracted, we can make plans to place a permanent restoration so that your smile is preserved. Read more

One cavity is certainly a cause for concern, but it can be particularly upsetting to learn that you have multiple teeth in need of restorative dental treatment. This is a situation you can find yourself in if you have gone an extended period of time without regular dental checkups, as multiple cavities can start to form without your realizing it. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are prepared to help individuals take on problems with their smile when they need several procedures. Because we use restorations that are a good match for your healthy enamel, the care provided to you can preserve your appearance. Read more

Restorative dentistry can be necessary whenever you have a problem with a tooth. Unfortunately, when our teeth experience damage there is little they can do to recover on their own. What this means is that when your tooth experiences a cavity, or suffers physical trauma, a permanent restoration has to be placed to protect it. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are prepared to take care of teeth that are in poor health. In some cases, it is possible to protect a tooth damaged by decay with a lifelike dental filling. However, there are situations where a dental crown is needed in order to properly restore your tooth. Read more

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