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Even though patients can be familiar with cavities, and their effect on a tooth, many people will still have a problem with tooth decay on at least one occasion. If you find yourself dealing with tooth decay, you can be happy to hear that a modern restorative dental procedure is able to do more than just protect your tooth's health – your Seattle, WA dentist can offer a dental filling or dental crown that helps with your appearance as well. After reviewing the effect decay has had on your tooth, your dentist can provide the care needed to fully repair your tooth, and return you to good oral health. Read more

It takes time for a cavity to form. Fortunately, that means you have opportunities to fight decay by keeping up with smart brushing and flossing, and seeing your Seattle, WA dentist's office for routine dental care. Unfortunately, dental emergencies can occur unexpectedly, and leave you scrambling for proper treatment. You can be happy to hear that, if you need it, you can count on our practice for emergency dental services. By arranging prompt treatment, you can make sure an issue is addressed with minimal delay, and before the problem has time to worsen. Read more

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