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example of a caffeinated beverageIf you choose to not brush your teeth for a day, it can be easy to see how your inaction might hurt your oral health. It may seem obvious to point out how your behaviors can affect your smile, you may not realize just how many of your actions have the potential to affect your risk for problems like tooth decay. People who rely on caffeine to help them stay alert during the typical day may be surprised at the effect their beverage choices are having on their smile, particularly if they favor drinks that are higher in sugar. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office has experience helping patients keep their teeth healthy. In addition to providing in-office support through cleanings and dental exams, we can help you identify habits you should change in order to avoid future oral health issues! Read more

With the right toothbrush, the right toothpaste, and a good brushing routine, you can take great care of your smile. Unfortunately, you can still leave certain areas of your teeth poorly served if brushing is the only practice you perform to maintain your oral hygiene. To clean the spaces where teeth meet more effectively, you should floss at least once a day. This habit is an important one for preventing tooth decay, and also for keeping you safe against gingivitis. While your Seattle, WA dentist can provide preventive services during routine dental exams, what you do on your own to care for your smile can be vital to your defense against tooth decay and other issues. Read more

What do you gain by taking care of your smile? Your efforts to keep your teeth safe against tooth decay and gum disease have more benefits than you might realize. Fighting the buildup of plaque and tartar can help you maintain your appearance, and you can have an easier time maintaining your general health when your oral health is being smartly managed. While regular dental exams with your Seattle, WA dentist have their part to play in protecting your smile, the quality of your daily oral health care is also important. If you are not confident in your current oral care routine, take the time to think about how you can make changes in your daily life that might help you prevent cavities, gingivitis, and other oral health issues! Read more

When you brush and floss your teeth, what are you really doing for your health? Obviously, these habits are in place to protect you against tooth decay and gum disease. People often think of oral hygiene as a matter of protecting the health and appearance of their smile, but they do not recognize the role that dental care plays in maintaining their overall health. If your hygiene is not being properly maintained, you can allow harmful oral bacteria to enter your mouth and cause different health concerns. You can also be vulnerable to health complications if you develop periodontal disease. While our Seattle, WA dentist's office is committed to helping our patients protect their teeth and gums from harm, we want our patients to know that their oral health can be more important to their well-being than they might realize! Read more

When you think about protecting your smile, your focus may be on the actions you can take to prevent cavities. It is hard to argue with the importance of cavity prevention, but it should be noted that our teeth also face risks from wear and tear over time. Sure, some wear and tear can be difficult to avoid - we put our teeth through serious friction by biting and chewing food. With that said, certain habits that further weaken your teeth can lead to visible changes that hurt the quality of your appearance. Your Seattle, WA dentist's office can discuss the impact of wear and tear with patients as part of our commitment to helping them avoid problems that might hurt their smile. Read more

Proper parenting involves more than just directly addressing a child's needs - you also have to figure out how to teach kids to care for themselves. Once your child is old enough, they can start to attend pediatric dental exams that keep you informed about the health and development of their smile. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office provides all-ages dental care, so we are ready to help parents and kids manage their dental health. In between these visits, you should be working with your kids to help them develop an effective oral hygiene routine. With the right encouragement, kids can pick up smart habits that help them avoid problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Read more

The time you spend brushing and flossing your teeth, and the attention you give these tasks, can obviously play a big role in how well you protect your smile. However, it is important to remember that our decisions between our oral hygiene habits can also impact our risk for tooth decay! Your beverage choices can play a bigger role than you might expect in your commitment to preventing dental health problems. If you have a hard time passing up flavored beverages like soda and juice, you can expose your enamel to more sugar, which can make you more likely to develop cavities. Flavored beverages that are low in sugar can still be trouble if they are acidic or rich in color. With smarter habits in place, you can make sure that your next trip to see your Seattle, WA dentist ends without the discovery of a cavity. Read more

When you brush and floss your teeth, you protect your smile against cavities. Your Seattle, WA dentist can also help you avoid decay through important preventive dental services. Did you know that fluoride can play a role in maintaining your oral health as well? This mineral provides an important service by helping your enamel recover more quickly from decay. You can administer fluoride thanks to ADA-approved toothpastes, which contain this mineral. Many tap water sources also provide fluoride in order to help people protect their teeth. While fluoride is not the only form of protection you need to avoid restorative dental work, it can play a valuable part in keeping you safe against cavities! Read more

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine does more than just help you preserve your appearance. Each time you brush and floss your teeth, you fight harmful oral bacteria that can hurt your dental health, and may lead to problems with your general well-being. Cavities can lead to painful tooth infections that require restorative dental work. If it is not addressed, gum disease can actually cause problems for your general health, and it can make managing existing problems more difficult. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is proud to provide important preventive dental services to our patients. In between visits, we want our patients to keep up with great habits so that they are able to stay our of dental trouble. Read more

Why should you be concerned about tartar accumulation? Tartar formation occurs when plaque deposits remain on teeth and harden, becoming difficult to remove. If you have tartar deposits on your smile, they can resist your efforts to remove them by brushing and flossing, so they can continue to put you at risk for problems that can require restorative dental work. As part of our commitment to protecting your smile and preventing trouble from occurring, we provide professional dental cleanings that can remove tartar buildup. This is one of many services provided by your Seattle, WA dentist that can keep you safe against potential oral health issues. Read more

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