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Is dental sensitivity just something you have to put up with, or is it something you should talk about with your dentist? If you have problems with hot or cold temperatures, if you wake up with sensitive teeth, or if you have general concerns about sensitivity, you should have the problem addressed. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can work with you to determine what might be causing these issues. The source of your troubles could be something like bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding. If that issue is not addressed promptly, it can lead to serious dental damage! Read more

The sight of bleeding gums can be unwelcome, and uncomfortable. While you can recognize that this is a problem, you may not realize that this is a sign of poor periodontal health. In addition to identifying this as a sign of gum disease, you should know that if the problem is not addressed, it can progress to periodontitis, and become difficult to manage. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can provide you with a scaling and root planing to return your gums to good health. This is one of many beneficial preventive dental care services we can offer in order to help you keep your smile in top shape. Read more

Because people often clench their jaw when they feel stressed, this behavior can feel common. While you might occasionally catch yourself clenching your teeth in a tense moment, you may put little though into this action, or the effects it might cause. What you should be aware of is that for some people, this can become a habitual issue. A person struggling with bruxism, or recurring teeth grinding, can be at risk for suffering chronic pain, and even dental damage. This behavior can be harder to control because a person with bruxism will often grind their teeth throughout the night, while they sleep. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can provide you with important protection against this problem. Read more

If you want to maintain physical strength and endurance, you have to be consistent about exercise. Your oral health requires consistency, too. You should be brushing at least two times a day, flossing every day, and being careful to limit your consumption of sugar. With a smart daily oral care plan in place, you can do a terrific job defending your smile against tooth decay and gum disease. On top of being consistent at home, you should also stay on track with professional dental care. At our Seattle, WA dental office, we can provide quality oral care at every routine dental checkup. These visits keep you updated about the condition of your smile, and also include professional cleanings that help you stay free of trouble! Read more

While people rarely WANT stress to be a part of their day, it can sometimes be difficult to avoid. While periods of stress can affect any person, the effects of these negative feelings over a prolonged period can become a problem for your well-being. What you might not realize is that stress can create potential problems for your oral health, in addition to your general health. This can be simply a result of a person giving their preventive care routine less attention, but you can also experience problems because of stress-related teeth grinding. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can offer consistent care during regular dental exams, which can help you stay on top of your smile care needs during stressful periods. Read more

What steps can you take today to improve your ability to protect yourself against tooth decay? As crazy as it sounds, one answer might be to throw out your toothbrush! Of course, when you do so, make sure you have a replacement on hand. You should replace a standard toothbrush every three to four months, or sooner if you notice that the bristles look relatively worn down. This is important because the quality of your brush impacts your ability to thoroughly clean your teeth, and remove harmful oral bacteria. Maintaining good habits at home, alongside regular visits to your Seattle, WA dental practice for routine dental checkups, can help you stay on top of your oral health needs! Read more

Are you particularly interested in keeping all of your teeth throughout your adult life? It seems pretty likely that anyone reading will answer that question with a definite "yes," but what you might not realize is that your daily oral care habits are leaving you more vulnerable to tooth loss than you might suspect. The leading reason people lose teeth as adults has to do with complications related to advanced gum disease. While gingivitis, the early stage of a periodontal infection, can be fully addressed, a more severe infection can be difficult to manage, and cause many problems for you over time. Fortunately, your Seattle, WA dentist can talk to you about how to protect your gums at home. Our practice can also offer important preventive support, including direct support in the form of a scaling and root planing! Read more

Accumulated tartar is a problem you should not ignore. Built-up tartar will increase your risk for tooth decay, as well as your risk for gum disease, and unfortunately, your daily oral care regimen will not remove the substance. With that said, you can prevent it from forming, and you can enjoy quality professional dental care that can lead to its removal. During your next routine dental exam at your Seattle, WA dentist's office, you can discuss strategies for improving your defense against tartar formation. You can also have this material removed during your dental cleaning, which is an important part of every preventive appointment. Read more

Every day, you should brush your teeth at least twice, floss at least one time, and pay attention to how much sugar you consume. Are you effectively keeping up with these obligations? If you are, you can feel confident that your smile is healthy. This is certainly important, but it is also important to keep up with regular dental exams, even if you are sure your teeth and gums are in great condition. At regular appointments with your Seattle, WA dentist's office, you receive significant oral health support. Every visit consists of a careful study of your teeth, and a routine professional cleaning. Over time, regular access to preventive care will keep you updated about your smile, warn you of possible problems, and ensure that issues with tooth decay and gum disease do not go unnoticed. Read more

If you hop on an exercise bike and pedal slowly for ten minutes, you understand that you probably received less benefit from your activity than someone who pedaled aggressively for a half hour. When it comes to keeping your smile clean through brushing and flossing, you need to make sure you are doing your best work to protect your teeth and gums. People who rush through their oral care routine, or those who occasionally skip cleaning their teeth, can leave more oral bacteria and food debris behind than they realize. As a result, they can have a harder time avoiding cavities. Our Seattle, WA dental practice can help you maintain a healthy smile at every routine dental exam. We can also help you understand how your oral care regimen at home plays an important role in keeping you free of problems that demand restorative dental work! Read more

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