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A problem that hurts the quality of your smile can be something you are eager to address. Even if the problem does not affect your oral health, it can still be a serious issue for your confidence, and impact your quality of life. What people are surprised to discover is that a single cosmetic dental procedure can lead to great improvements. If you want to fix problems related to the shape, size, condition, or color of teeth that you feel hurt your smile, ask your Seattle, WA dentist about porcelain veneers. While veneers are not effective at restoring the health and dental function of teeth, they offer significant cosmetic changes. Read more

Your Seattle, WA dentist's office is here to help you with more than just your oral health concerns. While the preventive and restorative services available at our practice can be valuable to your smile, we can also directly address esthetic issues with cosmetic dental care! You can look into treatments that are able to make remarkable changes while requiring little to no change to your tooth structure. Are you worried about the effects of teeth stains? A professional teeth whitening treatment can remove those stains that store bought products leave untouched. If you have a problem with the shape, size, or even the alignment of certain teeth, you can make impressive corrections with porcelain veneers, or a dental bonding treatment. Read more

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