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A person will use their teeth to bite and chew food several times a day. Tougher products, acidic items, and foods that are high in sugar can be particularly demanding on your enamel. With this in mind, it can be easy to see why dental wear and tear is such a frequent issue for people. While friction on your teeth can inevitably cause some wearing of a person's enamel, you may be alarmed at just how visible your smile changes have become. If this is the case, our Seattle, WA dental practice can help! At every routine dental exam, your dentist will check on your smile and your oral health, to ensure there are no active concerns. We can also recommend cosmetic dental treatment if you are worried about the effect wear and tear might have on the way you look. Read more

Chipping a tooth can lead to some understandable feelings of alarm. After all, this damage can have a potentially serious effect on your smile, while also creating an oral health issue. While a sense of concern is certainly appropriate, you can be glad to know that your Seattle, WA dentist is ready to help you deal with this problem. At our practice, we can provide quality cosmetic dental work in order to hide the effect dental damage can have on your appearance. If the matter is serious enough to require restorative dental work, we can advise you about what the appropriate treatment might consist of, and arrange the care you need. Read more

What kind of difference can professional whitening treatment offer, and why should you choose this option over a store bought whitening product? The bleaching agents available at our practice is able to remove stains that are difficult to address, so you can see a level of improvement that a product from your local store is not able to match. While this can be compelling information, people sometimes turn to store bought products because they assume treatments at home will be more convenient than an in-office procedure. If you feel this way, you should know that our Seattle, WA dental practice can actually provide you with a take-home kit, so you can enjoy this convenience, and superior results! We offer in-office treatments as well, so you can fit in a big improvement before an important event. Read more

Is cosmetic dental work something you can truly count on to make noticeable changes to your appearance? Is it realistic to expect a procedure performed by your Seattle, WA dentist to help with the issues with your teeth that are making you uncomfortable? Many people have been excited to see just how much their smile - and their overall appearance - can be improved when they have porcelain veneers placed. This one procedure can transform the way you look, as you can correct multiple distracting flaws. Because one procedure is all you need to make such striking improvements, you can find that your cosmetic work can be squeezed in before an important life event, making this work both convenient, and exciting! Read more

A smile with alignment and spacing problems can be embarrassing to show off to others. You can come across as shy for not showing your teeth when you smile, and you can be uncomfortable in moments when people want to take pictures. Many people assume that if they want to do something about their appearance, they will need to wear metal braces for a period of time, which they can be reluctant to do. You can actually look into an exciting alternative approach, as you can talk with your Seattle, WA dentist about using Invisalign aligners to correct your smile flaws. These appliances offer a more discreet treatment experience, one that you can find easy to adjust to. Read more

A tooth is no stranger to friction - every time you use your teeth to bite and chew, you put demands on your enamel that can take a toll over time. With that said, you should not be TOO alarmed at this idea. Dental enamel is a remarkably strong material, and capable of holding up against considerable pressure. However, some people do start to see changes over time in the shape of their teeth. If this is making you unhappy with your smile, your Seattle, WA dentist's office can discuss corrections through cosmetic dental work. It should be noted that if you have a problem with teeth grinding, you can start to see signs of wear and tear at a surprising rate. If the problem is not caught and treated in time, you can also experience more serious harm! Read more

Drinking coffee in the morning to wake up can make your first meeting of the day easier to navigate. Having a cup of tea in the afternoon can carry you through the end of your workday, or help you stay alert as you run errands. Many different beverages offer the assistance of caffeine when we are tired, or just struggling to stay focused. What you have to be careful about is the risk that depending on these drinks carries for teeth stains. Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are all capable of staining your smile, and making you self-conscious about how you look. Fortunately, your Seattle, WA dentist can provide help in the form of a professional whitening treatment. Read more

Feeling confident in your smile does more than just affect how you feel about having your picture taken. A person's smile can be one of their most recognizable features; being happy with your smile can make it easier for you to greet a new person, laugh at a joke, and comfortably socialize with others. While people can have drastically different smiles, there are a few common cosmetic issues that tend to make people self-conscious about their teeth. If you have any discomfort with your appearance due to issues like dental discoloration, damage, or because of teeth that just seem out of place, tell your Seattle, WA dentist. With the right cosmetic dental procedure, you can make a big change to the way you look! Read more

Do you sometimes find yourself looking over your teeth, and imagining how your smile could be improved? You might not realize it, but with the right cosmetic dental procedure, your Seattle, WA dentist can make great changes to the way you look! You can also find that the right treatment option can make those changes happen while demanding relatively little change to your tooth structure. For patients looking to target specific flaws with the shape and size of teeth, or the color of certain teeth, dental bonding and contouring work can be recommended. This work can be completed after just one appointment. The work can cover a wide range of issues, so you can see your smile transformed after it is completed! Read more

A whiter smile is something many people aspire to show off. With that said, this goal can start to feel elusive if you are turning to over the counter products to deal with teeth stains. These products can be effective for dealing with stains on the surface of your enamel, but they can be less useful if you are trying to see truly significant improvements. If you want to see these remarkable improvements, talk to your Seattle, WA dentist! Our practice offers professional whitening treatments you take home, and procedures we perform in our office. Both of these options can lead to a notable change in the brightness of your teeth! Read more

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