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Summertime can involve plenty of daytime fun, but you can also enjoy the warmer, brighter evenings the season provides. At Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, guests can enjoy a special weekly program happening each Friday evening in August. The WildNights events will see the zoo remain open later in the day, so guests can see how the lowering sun can lead to different animal behaviors. Zoo exhibits will remain open, and there will be special programs and refreshments available. How are you spending your summer? This time of year can be great for bonding with your kids. Of course, you can also use this time to make sure their health needs are addressed. Our Seattle, WA dental practice is available to provide dental exams for your kids before the school year starts! Read more

On Saturday, July 13, you and your family can go out to Seattle's Green Lake to experience the fun of the Seafair Milk Carton Derby! This is the forty-seventh anniversary of this special event, where crafty competitors take to the water on their specially designed milk carton boats. You can admire the creativity and skill exhibited by people showing off vessels varying in design and appearance. Entrants of all ages will be able to try their hands at creating their own crafts, and competing for special prizes! It can be hard to picture the summer without water - large bodies of water can be great gathering places for fun activities, and water keeps us hydrated on those especially hot days! You should remember that by choosing water over flavored beverages, you can control your risk for cavities, and reduce the possibility that you will need to see your Seattle, WA dentist for restorative dental work! Read more

On July 4, you can bring your family out to celebrate the holiday during the twenty-fourth annual 4th Of July Children's Parade! During this special morning parade, your kids can do more than just watch the parade go by - this special event welcomes kids to JOIN the parade itself. Seattle youngsters can march, ride their bikes, and take wagon rides in order to join in the fun. After the parade concludes, fun games, arts and crafts, and more will take place. While the evening of the 4th Of July can be all about fireworks, you and your kids can enjoy plenty of fun during the morning thanks to the 4th Of July Children's Parade! Our Seattle, WA dentist's office hopes you enjoy all of your summer outings. We would also like to remind you that we are ready to take care of you, and your kids, when you come in for routine dental care! Read more

On Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23, Seattle area families can come out to the Fremont area and enjoy plenty of fun during this year's Fremont Fair! This two day event will have plenty of fun activities, exciting performances, and welcome refreshments for visitors. You can also explore the special craft market to find interesting, unique goods! The fair will offer Seattle families one of many opportunities to create great summer memories this year. While summer is a great time to have fun, it can also be a smart time to fit in dental care for your family. Our Seattle, WA dental practice is ready to meet with you and your kids for quality family dental care! Read more

On Saturday, June 29, Seattle families are encouraged to check out the city's Dragonfest event! This will be a day-long celebration of Asian-American culture, with plenty of events, activities, and foods to enjoy. The celebration is being hosted in the city's Chinatown-International District, with many communities represented. This is a great chance for people in the area to explore and celebrate a vibrant part of our overall community, interact with people and businesses, and enjoy great fun! Your family can look forward to many fun activities this summer while school is out. One thing you should remember is that having kids out of school can make it easier to schedule their dental checkups! In addition to providing quality care to adults, our Seattle, WA practice offers important pediatric dental services. Read more

On Saturday, June 1, the Seattle Library's Northgate Branch is hosting a special family event! During the Family Story Time And Play Time event, you can bring your kids to enjoy a special story time activity, and then let them enjoy plenty of fun activities. The library is providing this as a free event for Seattle area residents to enjoy. In addition to enjoying the event itself, this is a great time to pick up books for the kids...and a few for yourself! Family-friendly activities can be important for kids' development. Of course, children depend on many thing in their early years, including quality dental care. Our Seattle, WA dental practice is proud to offer quality pediatric dental health care! Read more

From May 25 through May 27, families in and around the Seattle, WA area can go to the Seattle Aquarium for Family Science Weekend! During this special event, there will be a number of engaging, hands-on science activities designed to introduce kids to marine life. There will be a number of programs hosted throughout the weekend, so kids will have plenty of opportunities to learn and have fun! The summer months provide plenty of great excuses to go out and enjoy family time. Of course, with kids out of school, this can also be a great time to take care of their dental care needs! Our Seattle, WA dental practice is ready to help kids enjoy great smile care during pediatric dental appointments! Read more

On Saturday, May 18, you can bring your family out to the West Seattle Bee Festival! The day will begin with an early fun run, which you can join without having to register. Live musical performances, demonstrations, and other activities will occur throughout the day, keeping everyone in your family entertained. Bees serve an important role in our ecosystem, and provide us with tasty honey. Just as the well-being of bees can affect a local environment, the condition of your teeth can affect your health, and your appearance. Your Seattle, WA dentist's office can help you stay on top of your oral health needs at every regular dental checkup! Read more

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