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Custom Solutions for Addressing Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can have a continuously negative impact on your oral health in several important ways. For example, the appearance of your smile suffers from a gap in your teeth. The function of your bite can be affected by the change in its balance, and much more. With a custom-designed dental bridge, partial, or full denture, we can help you rebuild your smile and slow or stop the consequences that result from tooth loss.

Modern Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a replacement tooth, or pontic, that’s supported by one or more dental crowns. The crowns are bonded to the healthy teeth closest to your lost one, known as abutment teeth, to hold your pontic in place as you bite, chew, speak, eat, and smile. If you’ve lost multiple adjacent teeth, then a bridge may be designed with multiple pontics to help you regain your smile and your bite’s function.

Partial & Full Dentures

Partial and full dentures are designed for more severe, or complete, tooth loss. A partial denture consists of replacement teeth where necessary and spaces to accommodate the healthy teeth that you still retain. The replacement teeth are situated on a comfortable base that may include hidden clasps for optimal comfort and stability. If you’ve lost all of your teeth on your upper or lower dental ridge, then we can design a complete denture to replace them all and fully restore your smile.

Implant-Supported Bridges & Dentures

For patients who qualify, we may suggest supporting a bridge or denture on one or more dental implant posts, which are inserted into the jawbone. Your jawbone heals to the biocompatible posts and allows us to secure your custom restoration to them, creating a prosthesis that not only replaces the visible parts of your teeth, but also their vital roots within your jawbone.

Learn if a Bridge or Denture Is Right for You

After suffering moderate to severe tooth loss, you can once again enjoy a healthy and full smile with the help of a custom dental bridge, partial, or full denture. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation, call our Ballard Neighborhood Dentist office in Seattle, WA, today at 206-789-2555. We also proudly serve the residents of Shoreline, Edmonds, Crown Hill, Loyal Heights, and all surrounding communities.

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