While you may not want to have any problems with tooth decay, your current habits may be putting you in more risk of trouble than you realize. Even seemingly minor mistakes can lead to active concerns, and make it more likely that you will need a dental filling or dental crown at your next appointment. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can provide guidance regarding your behaviors between visits during regular dental exams, which can help you recognize shortcomings in your routine that leave you vulnerable to dental decay and gum disease. If you are not attending these exams on a regular basis, the lack of support from a dentist can lead to a greater risk for tooth decay. Read more

Sure, you can be unhappy to have a toothache, but is it really something that you need to deal with as soon as possible? Letting a problem with a toothache go unchecked by a dentist can have more consequences than you might realize. In addition to leaving a problem with pain unresolved, ignoring a toothache can actually allow a problem with your oral health to worsen, and that can lead to complications. if the tooth's health continues to deteriorate, it may even reach a point where it must be extracted! At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can evaluate the tooth to determine what is wrong, perform the appropriate restorative dental treatment, then make sure that your tooth remains protected after care is complete! Read more

As you brush your teeth, do you ever notice that your gums have started to bleed? If this is a recurring problem for you, it can be a warning that the tissues are infected, meaning gingivitis is now affecting your oral health. Fortunately, a scaling and root planing is effective at removing the bacteria responsible for this infection, which then allows the tissues to heal. What you should be aware of is the risk to your well-being if the problem is not treated in time. The infection can worsen in time, which can lead to more difficulties with treatment, a greater risk for tooth loss, and general health problems! At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can provide guidance on good oral hygiene that will help you avoid future bouts of gingivitis, as well as preventive dental cleanings that make an infection less likely in the future. Read more

As stains build up and dull your teeth, it can be hard to imagine seeing them as white as you might like once again. This can be particularly true if you have already had disappointing experiences with whitening toothpastes, or with store bought whitening agents. When you feel let down by these over the counter approaches to addressing dental discoloration, you should speak with your dentist about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, individuals who worry about their appearance because of stains can learn about the benefits of a professional whitening treatment. To help those with especially tough stains, we can recommend a KöR whitening procedure! Read more

If you are losing confidence in your smile, maintaining your overall confidence can become difficult. There are several issues that can impact the way you feel about your appearance. Teeth are susceptible to gradual wear and tear over a time, a problem that can be particularly severe for people who grind their teeth. You can also experience worrying changes in the color of your teeth, or see your smile shift after past orthodontic work. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are prepared to help patients take on the concerns they have about the health and appearance of their teeth. If your smile is healthy but less attractive than you like, we can look into the benefits of different cosmetic dental services. Read more

If you spent too much time away from the dentist's office, it may take more than one restorative dental procedure to fully return your smile to good health. In this situation, it may be necessary to point out and address multiple problems with tooth decay, or with a combination of issues like tooth decay, gum disease, or even dental damage. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is prepared to help those who need multiple services to properly restore their smile. Through the appropriate treatment, we can make sure decay and other matters are addressed while also taking care to preserve the quality of your smile. You should be aware that problems like tooth decay worsen when they go untreated, so your treatment needs can become more involved when you put off oral health care. Read more

Troubles with teeth grinding should not be ignored. In many cases, it can become difficult for a person to ignore the issue even if they wanted to. Someone who struggles with this issue, known as bruxism, can find that they continue to wake up with pain affecting their face, teeth, and jaw. They can also worry over signs of wear and tear that hurt the quality of their smile. Over time, the persistent friction from teeth grinding is capable of causing chips and cracks that require restorative dental work. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, patients affected by bruxism can receive a custom oral appliance that keeps their smile safe. We can also explore different treatment options to restore teeth that have already been harmed by this problem. Read more

Because you (hopefully) brush your teeth at least twice a day, and have been doing so for many years, you can feel comfortable with your routine. Is that comfort causing you to overlook small mistakes that raise your risk for dental decay and gum disease? In some cases, people who feel they are doing enough to keep their teeth healthy will find that they need restorative dental work at their next dental exam. Part of why they are surprised is that they have habits that are less effective than they realize. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office can provide guidance for you when it comes to daily dental care, just as we can offer preventive care in the office to help you avoid future issues. Read more

When dental crowns are used to improve a patient's smile, they are frequently placed over a tooth that has been damaged by a cavity or physical harm. While these restorations are frequently used to protect vulnerable teeth, they can sometimes help when a tooth has already been lost! A dental crown can be made to secure to a dental implant put in place after tooth loss. In addition to making your smile complete again, the implant-held crown will be able to support your bite and stimulate your jawbone. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can discuss the use of dental implants and dental crowns for your planned prosthetic dental work. While this is not the only prosthetic treatment approach available to you, it is one that can offer exciting long-term benefits! Read more

People who develop issues with dental sensitivity can find that foods and drinks they once enjoyed are difficult to consume. Sensitivity issues can be triggered by hot and cold products, as well as by items that are higher in sugar. Even if the problem is not painful throughout the day, those bursts of discomfort can quickly become frustrating. There are several issues that can lead to dental sensitivity. One possible cause is gum line recession. When your periodontal tissues move, they can expose more of your tooth structure. Unfortunately, the portions that are exposed have less natural protection, which can make them more sensitive. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, patients who are bothered by this issue can discuss their concerns at their next routine dental exam. We can determine if gum line recession is an issue, or find out if another problem is responsible. Read more

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