On Friday, November 29, families in the Seattle area are encouraged to visit Westlake Park to enjoy a special Christmas tree lighting event! The Westlake Center Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration will help residents feel the spirit of the season while also mingling with members of our community. After the lighting, make sure you stick around to see the special fireworks display at the park! The holiday tree lighting marks the start of a truly festive time of year. It is also a reminder that the year is close to an end! 2019 will be over before you realize it, and if you still have dental benefits to use, make sure you take advantage of them before they are gone! Our Seattle, WA dental office is ready to provide important oral health services for your family, which can help you start 2020 with healthy, lovely smiles. Read more

Do your teeth look different now than they used to? Some degree of change to a person's smile can occur over time because of dental wear and tear. This problem can be difficult to fully avoid - the friction created whenever you bite and chew can gradually erode layers of your enamel. However, if the problem is serious enough to make you unhappy with your smile, or worried about your oral health, you should make sure you bring it up with your dentist. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can help you maintain your oral health during regular dental exams, and by providing guidance on smart oral care practices between visits. While advanced wear and tear can be the result of many different factors, it is possible for certain diet choices to weaken your enamel, and speed up this problem. Read more

The holiday season tends to mark the start of festive social gatherings, fun family dinners, and even a few fun events in the workplace that bring people closer together. When it comes to caring for your smile, you should be mindful that these events tend to provide revelers with more than a few dessert options, and that over time the extra sweets you eat can cause problems for your teeth! At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we provide dedicated dental care to our patients at every routine dental exam. With that said, we want to make it clear that what you do between visits will be important if you want to avoid dental decay. Because of this, we can offer tips on better brushing that help you fight a potential increase in your sugar consumption. Read more

The sight of blood after brushing and flossing can certainly be unwelcome. In addition to being visually upsetting, it can suggest that something is wrong with your oral health. People who have problems with their periodontal health often experience issues with bleeding when they clean their teeth. You should know that what you are seeing is a symptom of gingivitis. Fortunately, gingivitis can be addressed and restored through proper care, so your gums can be spared any long-term issues. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we provide a special scaling and root planing procedure to remove the bacteria causing your issues with gingivitis. We should point out that when a periodontal infection is not addressed in time it can worsen, and it can become harder to manage the matter. Read more

There is no single culprit behind every issue with dental sensitivity. One person with a sensitive tooth could be suffering symptoms of decay, while a person with general sensitivity problems may have discomfort because their gum line has receded and exposed vulnerable portions of teeth. Enamel erosion is also a possible reason for a person to suffer from sensitivity. Some erosion of this dental material is natural, as our teeth endure friction on a frequent basis. However, too much erosion can lead to problems with sensitivity, and unwelcome changes to your appearance. This effect can also make you more vulnerable to cavities. At our Seattle, WA dental office, we can help you maintain your dental health during regular dental exams. We can also determine if enamel erosion is affecting you, and talk to you about treatment options. Read more

Now through Tuesday, December 24, Seattle families can enjoy the magic of Christmas at Swansons Nursery! During this season, they will host their Reindeer Festival, which will feature holiday-themed shops, lovely decorations, and even visiting reindeer. This is a great destination for people who want to stock up on Christmas decorations, holiday shoppers, and families looking to help their kids enjoy the holiday. You can also enjoy fun photo-ops with the reindeer on hand for the occasion. Christmastime can be full of fun activities, but it also tends to be a time when people enjoy more sweets than normal. Make sure you and your family are practicing smart smile care at home, and set up routine dental exams at our Seattle, WA dental office to enjoy important preventive dental services! Read more

Why has dental pain become part of your typical morning? For many people, teeth that are painful or sensitive when they wake because they have been grinding or clenching their jaw during rest. This problem, known as bruxism, can do potentially severe damage to your enamel over time. After enough time passes, you may notice that your smile looks less attractive because of dental wear and tear. Eventually, the pressure created when you grind your teeth can actually lead to chips and cracks that will require restorative dental work! Let our Seattle, WA dental practice know if you think you have a problem with bruxism. We can provide a custom night guard that keeps your smile in good condition, and effectively relieves you from worrying about potential teeth damage while you sleep! Read more

Over time, even a substance as tough as tooth enamel can start to show signs of wear and tear. Is this problem starting to affect your smile? If you have noticed a change in the shape of your teeth, if your smile is starting to appear dull or unhealthy, or if you have any issues with chipping or cracking, you could be experiencing the negative effects of wear and tear. While some change to your teeth can be natural with aging, you should feel comfortable discussing your concerns with your dentist. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we have worked with many people worried about dental wear and tear. We can examine your teeth and determine how can provide cosmetic smile improvements, and address any oral health concerns related to the problem. Read more

Is your current approach to brushing your teeth one that you should stick with, or is it time to make some improvements? Over time, the way you approach daily oral care can become increasingly important. Your teeth can begin losing layers of enamel due to erosion from biting and chewing, and you can find that preventing cavities becomes more difficult. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we can talk to you about your oral health during a routine dental exam, and discuss the effectiveness of your current brushing habits. For patients who have recently undergone restorative dental work, and those who want to continue avoiding cavity treatment, changes to brushing can be key for avoiding problems in the future! Read more

Seeing your gums bleed after brushing or flossing can be unpleasant, and uncomfortable. While you might prefer to ignore a problem like this, it is important to recognize what is happening - this easy bleeding can be a sign of a periodontal infection. At our Seattle, WA dental practice, we are prepared to help patients who develop gingivitis through a scaling and root planing. Signs of poor gum health can be recognized in the course of a routine checkup, but you should mention symptoms like bleeding gums when you have an appointment scheduled. After all, when you keep your dentist informed about what is happening with your smile, you can count on having your concerns fully addressed! Read more

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