Through a consistent routine of daily smile care and regular dental exams, you can keep your risk for oral health issues low. Unfortunately, problems can still occur and lead to the need for restorative dental work. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can provide support for your smile through different forms of treatment. Because we offer both partial and full crowns, we can actually offer more control over the kind of care involved in protecting a vulnerable tooth. When significant support is needed to save your complete smile, we can use a full crown to provide total coverage of a tooth above the gumline. However, we can also look for opportunities to restore teeth with custom partial crowns; these restorations do more than dental fillings, but they are still more conservative than restorations that fully cover teeth. Read more

If you want to do something that can truly change your smile, the right cosmetic dental procedure can certainly help. Our Seattle, WA dental practice can recommend a number of different services that can make meaningful improvements to the way you look. One option we offer can actually help you straighten uneven teeth without going to an orthodontist for treatment with traditional metal braces. What you can do instead is start an adjustment with Invisalign aligners! With a set of clear appliances, we can gradually move your teeth without making you wear something that is conspicuous or fixed in place. As you move through your corrective work, you can see the benefits as you fix gaps, overlaps, and other potential problems with the way you look. Read more

While there are important benefits to smile care, many people experience anxieties around treatment that make arranging care more difficult. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can help by providing sedation during smile care! With nitrous oxide and oral sedatives, we are able to help patients who need to book longer and more involved restorative services, and we can support those who experience serious discomfort during any kinds of appointments. Remember that delaying services can lead to more significant problems, which means you can find yourself in need of a more involved procedure by putting off the care that was initially recommended. Read more

When you feel an interest in cosmetic dentistry, you can find that the right procedure is offers desirable results with less work than you anticipate. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is happy to help you understand how the right treatment can give you the kind of smile that you are eager to show off. We can offer different procedures, which means we can target different issues and offer different experiences with care. Your options include services that make improvements while minimizing overall changes. Both teeth whitening treatment and tooth bonding and contouring can deliver results without the need to place permanent restorations. Read more

Do you wish you could do something to meaningfully change your smile? Is there a particular flaw that bothers you, or several that you wish you could put behind you? It can surprise you to learn that with the right procedure, you can see significant results while only making conservative changes to your tooth structure. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can offer meaningful changes with porcelain veneers. These slender restorations are capable of offering lasting benefits while only requiring minimal corrections to your enamel. They are applied directly to the front surfaces of your enamel, which is all that it can take to improve the color, shape, size, and general look of teeth that previously made you unhappy with how you look! Read more

It can be difficult for you to doubt that tooth loss is negatively affecting your life. The impact on your smile can be obvious, but even if the absence is difficult for others to see, it can be a persistent concern for you as it interferes with your bite function and oral health! Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is prepared to help when patients want to regain full smiles. One way we can do this involves both a dental implant and dental crown. After the implant is set in place and you go through the appropriate recovery period, you will have the restoration put in place to close the gap in your smile. After this is done, you can experience better bite health, more confidence in your smile, and other benefits to your well-being! Read more

There are some problems that call for a trip to the dentist's office even when you do not have an upcoming appointment scheduled. You can find that when dental pain makes you concerned about your well-being, your Seattle, WA dentist's office is ready to support you! Our practice makes urgent smile care available when our patients require it. By coming in for support on short notice, you can make sure the matter is addressed so that it no longer causes you discomfort. You can also rely on this support to prevent the kinds of complications that change what care you need, and in some cases lead to such severe problems that a tooth has to be extracted! Read more

It can be tough to look in the mirror and see a smile that you dislike due to dental discoloration. Unfortunately, it can be harder than you realize to correct this problem on your own. There are products that are available at your local grocery store or pharmacy that can offer some benefits, but you can fail to see the results that you really want. By taking on your embarrassing discoloration with a professional teeth whitening treatment, you can see more meaningful changes that give you a real boost of confidence. Your Seattle, WA dentist provides different options for care so that patients can choose between in-office services and treatments that are enjoyed from the comfort of home. Read more

It is difficult to overstate the importance of protecting your gums when you want to maintain your overall oral health. Many people will experience issues with gingivitis, an infection caused by oral bacteria building up on the roots of your teeth. The good news is that this is a problem that we can both identify and address during a regular dental exam. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can supply support in the form of scaling and root planing. This service goes beyond a typical dental cleaning to remove harmful microbes on the roots of your teeth. By doing so, we can stop an infection from worsening, which can prevent complications and give your tissues the chance to heal! This service can also polish the surfaces of teeth to make it more difficult for bacteria to accumulate again and cause more problems with your gums. Read more

Dental damage is certainly something you should take care to avoid. Protecting yourself with regular cleanings and exams will help you maintain your healthy enamel, which can help you preserve your appearance and health. For some, dental decay and the typical wear and tear from biting and chewing will not be the only causes for concern. Individuals who struggle with bruxism can have difficulty protecting themselves against physical harm because they unconsciously grind and clench their teeth at night. While this happens, your enamel can be gradually worn down, which can lead to noticeable damage. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is prepared to help in this situation. Through the appropriate services, we can take on damage that has already occurred. We can also provide care to keep further harm from occurring. Read more

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