Because some people associate cosmetic dentistry with work to brighten discolored teeth, or services that restore teeth that are physically damaged, they do not think to ask their dentist how a procedure can address problems with spacing and alignment between teeth. While these issues are often addressed through orthodontic services, you may find that a more discreet cosmetic procedure is all that is needed to address your issues! At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can evaluate your smile to see if we can recommend a cosmetic service to improve the way you look. One option is to use Invisalign aligners, which use clear, removable aligners instead of metal braces to take care of your teeth. Another option we have is treatment with porcelain veneers, custom shells that cap teeth and hide visible flaws. Read more

When you brush and floss your teeth, you should give your gums some attention, too! A good oral hygiene routine will fight the buildup of plaque and bacteria at your gum line and lower your risk for gingivitis. Many people, even those who feel that they practice good habits, can grow concerned at their next routine dental exam upon learning that they have issues with their periodontal health. While your regular dental visits are important for preserving the health of your teeth and gums, you should know that you can actually identify early warning signs of gingivitis on your own. By checking on your gums between visits, you can see when gingivitis is starting to affect you and improve your hygiene routine! Read more

Your mornings can become difficult to enjoy when you grind your teeth at night. Upon waking, you can feel the effects of this issue, known as bruxism - your teeth can be sore and sensitive, and you can have pain in your face and jaw. While this discomfort is certainly nothing to ignore, it is not the only problem with bruxism. In time, the friction from grinding or clenching your jaw while you sleep can wear down your enamel. This can lead to undesired changes in the shape of your teeth that hurt your smile, and it can even lead to chips and cracks forming in your enamel! Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is prepared to help if you think you suffer from nightly teeth grinding. A custom oral appliance can keep your teeth safe while you sleep. If you have already experienced problems with your enamel, we can evaluate your smile and see if you may benefit from cosmetic dental work or restorative dental work. Read more

Sure, your tooth is in pain, but is the discomfort so serious that you need to see a dentist? A persistent or serious pain can point to a problem with infection, one that can worsen over time and lead to alarming consequences. It may be necessary for your dentist to perform root canal therapy to address this pain and this problem. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we want patients to feel secure and safe during any procedure that they require. If we find that you need a root canal, we can take care to restore the health of your tooth while minimizing discomfort, and we can provide a dental crown that lets you preserve your natural, attractive smile! Read more

The problems that you have with teeth stains can become increasingly frustrating. There are many products that cause discoloration, and the store bought whitening treatments you have available to you can offer limited benefits. What can you do to see real results from a teeth whitening procedure? Our Seattle, WA dentist's office provides multiple approaches to teeth whitening that can help you regain a smile that makes you feel confident. In addition to our take-home and in-office whitening procedures, we can provide the KöR whitening procedure, which can combine both approaches to make significant improvements to your smile color. We can walk you through the benefits of these different cosmetic dental treatment options, and we can also help you if you have trouble with discoloration that stems from something other than teeth stains. Read more

Your Seattle, WA dentist will use the most conservative approach possible to restore your unhealthy smile. Unfortunately, some oral health problems are so serious that tooth extraction becomes unavoidable! An extraction can safely remove a tooth that is badly injured or infected to the point that it cannot be saved. Removing it has several benefits. One is that it will no longer cause you discomfort after it is removed. Another is that we can stop the potential spread of bacteria through the tooth, which can lead to more health concerns. After we extract the tooth, we can start planning prosthetic dental work to close the gap left behind and make sure your smile remains complete! Read more

Teeth become chipped over time when they experience an excess of wear and tear. As strong as our enamel might be, it can be worn down gradually, especially if you have a habit of grinding or clenching your jaw. If you feel that chipping makes your smile appear unhealthy, uneven, or unattractive for any other reason, you should know that cosmetic dental work can help! Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is ready to walk you through your different treatment options. With a single cosmetic service, we can make teeth appear healthier, brighter, and more uniform! We can also offer support to help you stop nightly teeth grinding, something that can lead to more chipping or even cracking of your enamel. Read more

If you want to maintain a healthy smile, you need to focus on more than just preventing cavities. Many people experience problems with their smile and health over time because they fail to prevent difficulties with gum disease. In time, an infection can interfere with your work to manage your general health, and it can do damage to tissues that support teeth, leading to their loss. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office will check on your periodontal health during every routine dental checkup you schedule with us. If we see evidence of gingivitis, we can provide a special cleaning to fight bacteria below your gum line responsible for your trouble. Read more

People who express an interest in cosmetic dentistry often have more than one change they hope to make to the way that they look. For some, the right approach to treatment will address problems with the shape or condition of teeth as well as discoloration. By making all of your desired changes, your Seattle, WA dentist can give you a renewed confidence in the way you look. What might surprise you is that one cosmetic procedure may be all that you require even if you do have several improvements that you hope to see. One option for treatment is to place porcelain veneers. Veneers cover the fronts of teeth. Placing them can make your smile look brighter, more symmetrical, and generally more attractive by addressing wear and tear. Read more

Two patients bothered by cavities can require different services to have their oral health needs properly addressed. A cavity will keep growing after it forms, damaging more of your tooth structure as it does so. Eventually, the damage will change the approach taken to restore your tooth. Simply put, decay can be too severe for a dental filling to effectively protect your tooth. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we provide multiple treatment approaches for patients affected by dental decay. At a regular dental exam, we can spot a small cavity and treat it with a filling that preserves your surrounding tooth structure. If you come in with problems caused by a more severe cavity, we can recommend treatment with a dental crown to make sure your tooth remains safe. Read more

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