Over time, your nightly teeth grinding troubles can start to make visible changes to your smile. Wear and tear can flatten teeth, or even damage them, which can hurt the quality of your appearance. If you want to do something to restore your confidence in the way you look, you may need to discuss cosmetic dental work with your dentist. Of course, if you want to prevent the problem from growing worse, or from causing visible changes, you should seek help with your grinding or clenching habit. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can provide you with a custom appliance to help you avoid this problem, often referred to as bruxism. In cases where patients have already seen changes to their smile, we can discuss cosmetic improvements as well. Read more

It can be hard to feel confident in your smile when you feel that your teeth appear unhealthy. In addition to causing problems for the way you look, unresolved problems with the condition of your teeth can make it difficult for you to bite and chew without some discomfort. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we are prepared to help you if you have concerns about the condition and appearance of your teeth. Through restorative dentistry, we can make sure teeth affected by damage and decay are treated with dental fillings and dental crowns that deliver cosmetic and functional protection. We are also ready to help you restore your smile if you are currently affected by tooth loss. Read more

If your teeth are not properly aligned, you can be embarrassed by problems with teeth that overlap improperly, or are separated by noticeable gaps. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can work with you to improve the way you look by hiding or correcting these visible alignment flaws. Through cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to hide spacing issues so that they no longer make you uncomfortable with the way you look. We can also discuss using Invisalign aligners to straighten your teeth without asking you to wear conspicuous metal braces. With the right approach to improving your smile, we can provide lasting smile improvements through surprisingly conservative treatment. Read more

From Friday, January 24 through Saturday, February 1, Seattle families can experience the seafaring fun at this year's Seattle Boat Show! During this special eight-day event, you can enjoy informative exhibits, take part in fun activities, and see a large array of new and interesting boats. The Boat Show is meant to be fun for casual and dedicated boating fans, and a chance to meet with like-minded people who share an interest in sailing, boating, and other maritime fun. A day out on the water can be relaxing, but a day spent with a toothache can be far from anyone's idea of a good time. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we can help you avoid problems with unresolved dental troubles by providing effective preventive services at every routine dental checkup! Read more

When you have a persistent toothache, or have issues like bleeding or swelling affecting your gums, you can be more than ready to make an appointment with your Seattle, WA dentist's office. So how likely are you to make an appointment for a routine dental exam when you feel that nothing is wrong with your smile? Regular checkups offer benefits to you even if you feel confident that you have no active oral health troubles. Your expert teeth cleaning can remove threats that affect your potential for dental issues in the future, and your examination can reveal concerns you were not aware of before you came in for care. Read more

If you have concerns about your smile because of the color of your teeth, you may start to feel trapped. The idea of showing off your smile in pictures can be uncomfortable, and you may find yourself trying to hide your teeth from new people you encounter. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to properly address stains if you only rely on whitening products at your local pharmacy or grocery store. For people who find themselves concerned by visible, stubborn stains, cosmetic dentistry can help. Our Seattle, WA dentist's office provides two different options for teeth-whitening treatment. We can also help you if the trouble with your discoloration is linked to something other than enamel stains. Read more

While minor troubles with dental wear and tear can be hard to notice, the problem can become an issue for your appearance over time. You may gradually notice changes that affect the symmetry of your smile, or make your teeth appear less healthy. For some people, friction from biting and chewing can be enough to cause visible changes. For others, bruxism may be responsible for making teeth appear flat, dull, or otherwise unattractive. At our Seattle, WA dentist's office, we understand how wear and tear on teeth can lead to eroding confidence in your smile. We can talk to you about performing cosmetic dental work to change the way you look. If you are dealing with the effects of nightly teeth grinding, we can also provide help in the form of a custom appliance that protects you from further damage. Read more

Is gingivitis responsible for your tendency to bleed when you brush and floss your teeth? Sensitivity to bleeding is one of several symptoms of this condition. If gingivitis is affecting your gums, you can look for additional symptoms like swelling, or reddened tissues. To fight problems with your periodontal health, make sure you clean at the base of your teeth every time you brush and floss, and meet with your Seattle, WA dentist. As part of our preventive services, we can provide you with a scaling and root planing. This special cleaning is more involved than the standard cleaning provided during a routine dental exam, as it targets portions of your teeth that are covered by your gums. Read more

On the morning of Saturday, January 18, Seattle runners can take part in the MLK Weekend Run event. There will be a 5K, 10K, and 15K events, as well as a special kids run for younger participants. The course will take runners through scenic Magnuson Park, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the view of Lake Washington on all courses. Running is a good activity for people who want to remain in good health through the years. If you are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, make sure you pay attention to your oral health! Our Seattle, WA dentist's office is prepared to help patients of all ages enjoy important preventive dental services. Read more

If you want to remain in good health, you should think critically about what foods and drinks you should have during meals and snacks. For the sake of your smile, you should limit your sugar intake, and be mindful about eating and drinking products that can stain your enamel. With that said, a person who experiences difficulties with dental sensitivity may feel forced to give up certain items for the sake of avoiding discomfort. If you are abandoning items because you are fed up with the way they affect your teeth, let your Seattle, WA dentist know about the matter. After an evaluation, we can help you understand why sensitivity has become a problem for you, and recommend treatment. Read more

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